Robert is one of the most gifted peer support workers I’ve ever known. I’ve appreciated his capacity to hold an safe space for me to share honestly and authentically. His ability to guide with compassion and wisdom has taught me how to transform my feelings of unworthiness and powerlessness into worthiness, self-acceptance and owning my power. Robert’s support has contributed greatly towards the progress I’ve made in becoming a happier and more heart centered person. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone that needs a good healthy role model to guide them beyond their painful selves towards recovery and healing.


I have had the privilege and pleasure of Robert Brown’s guidance and leadership since early September 2019.  Robert is a most positive and beneficial voice in helping members in our RAAM group to a successful road to recovery.  I would dare say that Robert Brown has taken what he does to an ‘art form.’  His ‘ART’ if you will, is enabling his members to access a better version of themselves.  This freeing-up of one’s ‘self’ allows an individual to persue a healthier version of who they can aspire to be.  This certainly sets up a person to seek a successful and fulfilling future.  Any mentee would be lucky to have Robert in their corner.

Rob D

I met Robert four years ago when he was a Volunteer at Mood Disorders Association of Ontario . We were facilitating a group for Depression and Anxiety together. I found Robert to be one of the most honest open people I have ever met. A deep understanding of Mental health and addictions, Robert has so much lived experience and is willing to share it all. He possesses amazing empathetic capacity but remains humble and down to Earth.To this day Robert and I remain friends and are a part of an on -line support group . I am honored to have Robert’s wisdom and friendship in my life …:)


Robert is healing, transformative, and miraculous. I feel lucky for finding Robert when I hit rock bottom. Robert’s wealth of knowledge and experience mixed with patience is the potion that brought me back to life from a seemingly hopeless and unmanageable state.


Robert’s positive energy is infectious! As a fellow traveler, his story and willingness to help others is inspiring.
Robert is a captivating speaker full of enthusiasm and knowledge. He has the ability to gently break down
barriers to create safe spaces. This atmosphere is a container for great healing.


Robert has a level of professional expertise, compassion, kindness, clarity, knowledge and emotional intelligence that fosters a space that is conducive to connection and healing. He is a living example of the power to turn life’s greatest tests into our greatest testimony in the spirit of helping others.